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New Zealand's Centre of Excellence for Power Engineering. University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

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2017 Event Calendar

Dates   Event   Detail
26-30 June 2017   High School Visits   The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and the EPECentre are pleased to offer high school students the opportunity to visit our brand new UC Electrical Wing.
10 - 13 July 2017   North Island Field Trip   Electrical and Electronic Engineering students visit power generation, transmission and distribution sites. Further information will follow.
2 August 2017   Careers Convention   EPECentre/PEET members promote summer and graduate opportunities to Electrical and Electronic Engineering students. This event includes an industry panel discussion about career opportunites in the electricity industry
15 August 2017   Scholarship Application Deadline   Up to 8 scholarships are available for school leavers and up to 6 scholarships are available for Engineering Intermediate students interested in pursuing the Electronic Engineering degree at the University of Canterbury.
18 October 2017 (to be confirmed)   R&D Expo   An event where EPECentre scholarships are awarded, projects by Electrical and Electronic Engineering students, EPECentre staff and associates are presented to the industry.
2018 (date to be confirmed)   GREEN Grid Conference 2018   The GREEN Grid project organises an annual conference for its main stakeholders.

Annual Events

The following events are our main annual events. Please check the Events calendar for other events.

Power Systems Field Trips

The Power Systems Field Trips are four day trips organised once a year, alternating between the North and South Island. Students visit sites of our members, where they learn on site about hydropower stations, wind farms, geothermal, coal and gas generation, and co-generation plants etc in New Zealand. They also learn about sub-stations and the Transpower HVdc link.

Careers Convention

The Careers Convention is an annual event where recent Electrical Engineering graduates and senior engineers from the electricity industry meet our current Electrical Engineering students and guests, to discuss career opportunities and pathways for young engineers.

R&D Expo

The R&D Expo is an annual event that showcases and celebrates innovative ideas implemented by final year and postgraduate UC electrical engineering students.

GREEN Grid Conference 

The GREEN Grid project, led by the EPECentre, organises an annual conference for its main stakeholders. GREEN Grid is officially titled the Renewable Energy and the Smart Grid project. For more information on the project, check the GREEN Grid webpage.