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Research Showcase

The Research Showcase (previously known as the R&D Expo) is an annual event that showcases and celebrates innovative ideas implemented by final year and postgraduate UC electrical engineering students.

Coming Up

2018 Research Showcase  - date to be confirmed.

Past Research Showcases


Our lastest annual EPECentre Research showcase took place on Wednesday 18 October in the Machines Lab in the Electrical Wing. Peter Armstrong, General Manager at Mitton ElectroNet, gave an inspiring keynote speech called ”Disrupt or be Disrupted”.

Robert Ferris, General Manager at Electrix, and PEET Board representative, awarded certificates to our 5 Third Professional Year scholars, as well as 9 postgraduate scholars, 4 summer scholars and one student for the best 2017 North Island field trip video.

Congratulations to our 3rd Pro Undergraduate Scholars!



Research Showcase 2017.



In 2016 the EPECentre R&D Expo took place on Thursday 13 October in Puka-James Hight, Undercroft 101. It was jointly organised with the College of Engineering Final Year Project Showcase. The EPECentre was delighted to welcome Mike Underhill (CEO, EECA) as the guest speaker. Twelve scholarship certificates were awarded by Craig Price (BECA) and one by Ranil de Silva (PSC). Three students were awarded a Best Photo Award by John Clarke (Transpower). Photos were submitted for the competition from students participating in the UC Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering South Island Field trip in April 2016. Our industry members were able to attend some live Joule Log Heating tests in the High Voltage lab.

Congratulations to our 2nd and 3rd Pro Undergraduate Scholars!



Our industry members attending Joule Log Heating tests in the HV lab.


In 2015, the R&D Expo took place at the UC campus on Wednesday 23 September. The 2015 Expo featured guest speaker Albert Brantley, CEO of Genesis Energy.

Dr Allan Miller (EPECentre director), Albert Brantley and Peter
Berry (EPECentre chairman).



EPECentre PhD scholars Thomas Smart and Nurzhan Nursultanov, with undergraduate scholar Kerry Clapham.