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Electrical Systems NCEA Guide

This Electrical Systems NCEA Guide provides resources that help to explain how humans first learned about Static Electricity, DC Electricity, Electromagnetism and AC Electricity, why they behave the way they do and how we have applied them to the world we live in. The resources we have developed so far, and the ones we are currently working on, are aligned with the NCEA Physics Electrical Systems (Levels 1 3) curriculum. We have designed them for use by NCEA students and teachers for learning purposes and we welcome feedback. If you do have feedback, feel free to contact us via info@epecentre.ac.nz.

In the videos below, we have two different types of content: general interest and instructional. Additional resources will be released, via this guide, as they become available.

We have other learning resources available, such as educational posters and videos of EPECentre talks at the UC public lecture series (What if Wednesdays).

Educational Videos

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