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Peter Berry




EPECentre Chairman
PEET Chairman

Peter Berry is the Executive Director of the Electricity Engineers’ Association of NZ (EEA). He joined the industry in 1986 as the Executive Officer for the Electricity Supply Association of NZ and has been actively involved in the reform of the NZ electricity supply industry from its beginnings in 1987. In 1993 he was appointed Executive Director of the EEA and has refocused the organisation to meet the needs of its members in a changing environment.

The EEA is the national association for engineers and technical staff in the electricity supply industry. The Association fulfils a vital role in industry by providing a collective technical, engineering, and health and safety voice to Government and regulators; disseminating leading edge information; providing forums for the debate of technical and engineering management issues; and is a key organisation behind the development and maintenance of international and national industry standards for the New Zealand power industry. Previously, Mr Berry held positions within the University of Waikato, the NZ Army (Royal New Zealand Engineers), the Ministry of Civil Defence, and a leading NZ market research company. Educated at Waikato University and Victoria University, he has two Masters Degrees and a post graduate Diploma in Business Administration. He is a Member of the Institute of Directors in NZ and has held a number of directorships. Mr Berry is Chairman of the Standards New Zealand Electro-technology Sector Committee and a member of the Joint Australia/New Zealand Standards Development Board. He was a founding member of the Electricity Supply Industry Training Organisation (ESITO) and the Electric Power Engineering (June 2002).

Peter represents professional engineering on the Power Engineering Excellence Trust (PEET).