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John Clarke




EPECentre Board of Directors
PEET Trustee – Transmission Sector

John Clarke is General Manager System Operations at Transpower NZ Ltd. He leads the provision of power system operation and market based power system dispatch in New Zealand.

John joined Transpower in 1998 held a number of senior roles within System Operations through to 2008, including control centre management, market support and operation and engineering investigations. He contributed to the evolution of the regulatory framework for the delivery of the system operator service in New Zealand including the codes and objectives for the secure operation of the power system in a market environment.

For the six years to 2014 John was Transpower’s GM Grid Development, a role that led the planning, scoping and approval of projects to add capacity to the New Zealand power system as part of a $3.8 billion grid expansion programme.

Since his appointment last year as GM System Operations he has overseen improvements to the relationship with the electricity industry regulator and participants alike in the delivery of the System Operator role by Transpower. Transparency has been improved and a clear strategic plan for provision of the System Operator service established.  This role involves over 100 staff including two control centres, operational support to market participants, IT systems maintenance and development of the market system along with engineering investigations for the continued secure and stable operation of the power system.

John’s accountabilities also include a separate business unit providing energy market based services, including Financial Transmission Rights for the electricity market and the spot trading of Gas contracts in New Zealand.

He has been involved in many industry specialist Groups, as part of the evolution of the market based operation of the New Zealand power system, over the past 15 years. He is currently a member of the New Zealand Smart Grid Forum. 

John is the Chair of emsTradepoint and a director of Transpower’s insurance subsidiary Risk Reinsurance Limited. He is also a trustee of the Power Engineering Excellence Trust. He is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors.