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Tas Scott




EPECentre Board of Directors
PEET Trustee – Distribution Sector

Tas is an electrical engineer with over 40 years’ experience in the electricity supply industry as a design engineer, project manager and corporate manager.

Tas initially worked as an engineer with the New Zealand Electricity Department carrying out research into transmission tower earth potential rise, developing earth resistivity measuring techniques and heavy current injection testing of major substation earth grids and then hydro power station maintenance and substation construction projects before joining the Huntly power station design team.

Tas then joined the Canterbury Distribution sector initially at the CCEPB, designing and commissioning NER’s and implementing SCADA designs and developing deep earth rod driving techniques suitable for the high resistivity soils of the Canterbury Plains.

Tas progressed steadily, becoming the Chief Engineer of the Christchurch MED and then General Manager Network for Southpower, General Manager of Network Development at Orion, General Manager of Asset Management at WEL Networks and the President of the Electricity Engineers’ Association executive committee (1993 – 1997).

He introduced Ground Fault Neutralizer technology to the NZ and Australian Distribution sector and chaired the development of the EEA risk based Earthing and Security of Supply Guidelines.

He is currently employed as a Principal Consultant by Mitton ElectroNet Ltd.

Tas has been on the EPECentre Board since 2002 and also represents the electricity distribution sector on the Power Engineering Excellence Trust Board.