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All UC EPECentre Scholars (Intermediate, First Pro and Second Pro) with Allan Miller and Peter Berry at the 2017 EPECentre Scholars Welcome Function.


This is a list of EPECentre Scholarships for electrical engineering students, as well as other relevant scholarships:

UC Electric Power Engineering Centre Scholarships
Eligibility: High School or UC Engineering Intermediate Students – conditions on courses chosen 
Amount: up to $15,000 (up to 8 scholarships) for school leavers – up to $13,000 (up to 6 scholarships) for Eng Intermediate students
Application Open: 20 June 2018 
Application deadline: 15 August 2018 
Find more information and apply
2015, 2016 and 2017 Scholarship posters are available here.

UC Electric Power Engineering Centre Undergraduate Scholarship: Third Professional Year
Eligibility: Third Professional year conditions on courses chosen
Amount: $5,000 (5 scholarships annually)
Application Open: Feb 2018
Application deadline: 31 March 2018
Find more information and apply

EPECentre or GREEN Grid Postgraduate Scholarship
Eligibility: Master or PhD students 
GREEN Grid PhD Scholarships being offered: 2-3 depending on suitable applicants.
Masters projects will be considered - however PhDs are preferred. Register your interest now by emailing EPECentre.
For more information on the GreenGrid project, check the Project page.

Other Scholarships available:

EEA (Electricity Engineers Association) Scholarship (Third Pro)

BECA Scholarship (Second or Third Pro)

Mainpower Scholarship (Second or Third Pro)

Orion Master's Energy Scholarship

A list of current scholars can be found here.

EPECentre Scholarship Posters

Check out and download our scholarship posters here.